MoleExpert Micro

Software for analysis of dermatoscopy images

MoleExpert Micro is a software for health care professionals. It was created on a foundation of years of experience in the automated analysis of pigmented skin lesions. The important requirement for this software project was the usability of the software with different image recording systems. The most important requirements for the functioning of this software are high-quality, even and well illuminated incident light microscopic images of skin lesions.

MoleExpert micro was developed for the support of diagnosis finding. The system does not give a diagnosis, but instead provides measurement results on expansion, color, net structure, globules and the border which can be evaluated in comparison with many hundred lesions at any time. The parameters for the ABCD rule [Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter] have been recognized for some years as important parameters in dermatoscopy. In addition to this data the software calculates some additional parameters which have emerged as relevant during research work in recent year (such as color variation and gray veil).

Using a special algorithm tailored to this analysis, some of these parameters are integrated in a score that works with values between 0 and 1. The higher this score is, the more likely it is for the lesion to be a melanoma. Threshold values of the score are dependent on the camera and must be determined in special studies.

As well as the individual scores, the observation of changes for the recognition of melanoma is very important. MoleExpert micro is equipped with a very unique comparison function, with which changes can be assuringly visualized and assessed.


MoleExpert micro measures asymmetry, blur of border, color and size of lesions. These parameters have been commonly accepted as major factors for the ABCD rule.
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A high quality videodermoscope or digital photo dermatoscope is required. We strongly recommend the use of an image database.


Dermoscan GmbH bundles the Dermogenius videodermoscope and the MoleExpert Micro software.



Mole Mapping

  • Surveillance program for early detection of melanoma
  • Chances for long-term survival are excellent, when melanoma is detected and treated early
  • Change in the size, shape, or color of an existing mole might be a sign for melanoma
  • Melanoma also may appear as a new, black, abnormal mole


  • examination of skin lesions with a dermatoscope (special magnifier)
  • also referred as dermoscopy
  • technique is primarily used by dermatologists and health care professionals
  • allows inspection of skin and monitoring skin lesions suspicious of melanoma
  • MoleExpert Micro is dermatoscopy software for health professionals

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